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Freya R.

I'm always a little intimidated before starting group sessions or joining a new gym.

I felt so at ease with Aeron, she's down to earth, she really listened and took note of my objectives. Her attention to detail is excellent, particularly when it comes to ensuring my form is correct. It's something I'm working on so to have someone call me out if something isn't right is perfect.

~ Freya R.

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Aurora S.

“ I am a fitness instructor and my biggest struggle is finding time for my own workouts. Chris has motivated me to prioritize my health and stick to a regular schedule for my workouts. He is a patient and thoughtful coach who meets people where they are while also encouraging to push to new limits. as someone who coaches people, I know this is a tough balance to strike and Chris does it so well. Highly recommend! “

~ Aurora S.

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Reilly L.

I was worried that I wouldn't have the stamina to complete the exercises.  I was feeling a little intimidated by the concept of small group training in general, and I was worried I wouldn't get the exercises down properly.

Lara has been amazing at explaining exercises, making a welcoming environment, and providing a huge array of movements to make each workout new and different.  It has provided me with the confidence to workout more on my own and know my form is proper. My main focus was to learn how to lift, and I've now got several lifts squared away with good techniques and tips to keep my form.  It's been great!

I have nothing but good things to say about my trainer, Lara, and about [Small Group Training].  It's a great way to get to know other gym members, hold yourself accountable, and it provides a great way to learn together.

~ Reilly L.

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Marina E.

Roxy is supportive and patient and she organizes her class so that no one feels like it is too much. She always offers different versions for exercises (harder vs. easier). She is also great at working with you to modify any exercises if you have any injuries.

I find [that Small Group Training is] the best of both worlds between private training and taking classes. The value point is great, and you get a lot of attention from the trainer to make sure you are not hurting yourself.

Participating in SGT has really raised my confidence about my abilities and has encouraged me to take on more and more, which feels great! I am able to lift and squat so much more weight than I ever imagined; it makes me feel powerful and good about my body.

~ Marina E.

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Maylynn W.

I wasn't confident in my fitness level and was worried about being able to keep up.

All the trainers I have worked with in SGT have been very encouraging and have always been able to offer modifications to exercises whenever they are needed. The variety of exercises means that there is usually something that feels like a personal strength which gives me confidence to tackle the more challenging exercises.

~ Maylynn W.

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Kristen O.

I was nervous to try small group training. I've tried various classes at studios and previous gyms, and was largely frustrated by my experiences. It was difficult to get individual instructor feedback, and I struggled to do exercises correctly without getting left behind.

Lara has gone above and beyond providing a positive workout experience for everyone in our group. She's an experienced and knowledgeable instructor - her  demonstrations, feedback and exercise variations are always helpful.

I definitely would [recommend SGT]. I never thought I'd actually enjoy a group class, and am happy I've been proven wrong.

~ Kristen O.

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Kari M.

While you are in a group, you are still working to your highest level. You are using the energy in the group to motivate yourself to push. Everyone is at a different level and that is okay.

[SGT is a] great way to do a workout at an intensity I'd never do on my own. You feel supported the whole time and get personalized attention to make sure your form is right. The trainers are attentive and motivating. They pay attention, adjust for injuries, and push you to be a stronger version of yourself.

~ Kari M.

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