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Jenny L.

“When I joined Ballard Health Club, I was returning to exercise after a year of chronic injury pain. My goal for trying training was to find exercises that would help get my strength back and avoid injury. I had a specific practical goal of being able to carry heavy luggage around an airport in one hand without pain.

Hattie worked with me three times to develop tailored exercise sets according to my fitness level and to address specific needs. She walked me through all the sets and helped me improve my form. After these sessions, I met my goal of lifting luggage and now have a full repertoire of exercises I can use. Hattie was great to work with: knowledgeable, skilled, fun, and understanding. Based on my experience with Hattie, I’ve recommended training to others who have specific fitness goals but who don’t know how to reach them.”

~Jenny L.

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Kristen F.

“I had reservations about being judged about my fitness level, my motivation, and my abilities. I spent a long time worrying that I wasn't fit enough yet to go see a fitness trainer.

Hattie was incredibly sweet and supportive from the very beginning. The pre-meeting questionnaire was so helpful because I was able to write out some of my reservations ahead of time and Hattie was very responsive to my answers. It made me feel like she had my best interest at heart and didn't care about what "level" I was starting from.

I definitely working with a BHC trainer. Because it's not as scary as you make it out to be in your head.”

~ Kristen F.

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Trilochana P.

My main concern was recent injury to my back after doing a boot camp challenge at another gym. I had to go through physical therapy and slowly going back to gym and working out safely.

Hattie was very good in listening to all my concerns regarding my recent back injury and slowly making transition to gym. She was excellent in working out a program for me and taking it into account my back problems. She is great and I love working out with her. I love her Sliver Plus classes and have so much fun.

~ Trilochana P.

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Spencer H.

“I was self-conscious to be a physically smaller man who did not know very much about weightlifting. The biggest achievement for me has been a gained confidence. Hattie was knowledgeable, sensitive to my goals, and (most importantly) supportive. Where the center of the gym, with all its scary machines, used to be intimidating, I now feel totally at ease there.”

~ Spencer H.

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Kaitlin M.

“I worried that training was only for "serious" or experienced fitness people - that my small goal of just getting generally smaller wasn't a good fit. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to learn techniques, having never trained before. I wanted to get physically stronger, and gain the confidence to lift weights as a woman.

Hattie immediately came in with enthusiasm and so openly listened to and planned around my goals. She took her time to help me understand every exercise in a way that worked for me. I don't think I would've stuck with the gym if I hadn't worked with a trainer. It helps you meet your goals and learn so much.”

~ Kaitlin M.

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Hend Y.

I wasn't sure if there was a trainer who had experience working with someone with a complex medical condition. I was worried it would be a challenge for them since my workout routines need constant adjusting.

Hattie was incredibly supportive at a time when I wasn't sure about my own ability. Just from our first conversation, I felt open enough to explain to her about my situation. She gave me a genuine smile without judgement and that was worth a lot to me.

For people who are going through difficult periods in their life, having the right trainer to support you and look out for your well being rather than forcing results on you is super important.

~ Anonymous

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Toni W.

“Based on previous experiences at other gyms, I was concerned my trainer wouldn't listen to me or do what was right for me.

Hattie is very personable and definitely put me at ease from the get-go. She creates specific workout charts for me and knows when I need to modify an exercise, but also pushes me when she knows I can do better. Training sessions with Hattie are always challenging, but she makes it fun!”

~ Toni W.

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Maureen R.

“I would, and have, recommended working with a BHC trainer to others. It is important to have a specific goal so the trainer knows how to help.

Hattie is wonderful to work with because of her expertise, patience, and training style. I look forward to our next session.”

~ Maureen R.

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