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Maria C. FT

“I had some reservations [to working with a trainer], I was worried that it would too complicated for me to perform learn new exercises or that I would feel too frustrated to stick with a specific program. I was also worried that I could injury myself. My top goals when starting training were to prevent further back injuries at work and to improve my overall strength/functioning.

All the trainers seem like very knowledgeable individuals that understand how to tailor exercises to a wide range of individuals. Without a BHC trainer I would have never attempted exercises like deadlifts, and would have never found out how much I enjoyed them! Working with a trainer is also a great way to build-in accountability. I would definitely recommend working with a BHC trainer!”

~ Maria C.

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Mariah K. FT

“I have always been intimidated by gyms, and I didn't even know where to start with building a strength routine. Moving beyond classes and cardio felt very overwhelming.

On top of being a great service, the fact that [Fitness Training is] included in the monthly membership cost makes it an incredibly good value. Being able to join this gym again was one of my top reasons for moving back to Ballard.”

~ Mariah K.

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Glenda C. FT

“I’ve been a member of BHC for many years & all trainers I’ve worked with have been friendly, skilled & professional. You get the best results from a training program designed specifically for you, for your personal health & fitness needs, by a skilled professional trainer.”

~ Glenda C.

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Kristen F.

“I had reservations about being judged about my fitness level, my motivation, and my abilities. I spent a long time worrying that I wasn't fit enough yet to go see a fitness trainer.

Hattie was incredibly sweet and supportive from the very beginning. The pre-meeting questionnaire was so helpful because I was able to write out some of my reservations ahead of time and Hattie was very responsive to my answers. It made me feel like she had my best interest at heart and didn't care about what "level" I was starting from.

I definitely working with a BHC trainer. Because it's not as scary as you make it out to be in your head.”

~ Kristen F.

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Spencer H.

“I was self-conscious to be a physically smaller man who did not know very much about weightlifting. The biggest achievement for me has been a gained confidence. Hattie was knowledgeable, sensitive to my goals, and (most importantly) supportive. Where the center of the gym, with all its scary machines, used to be intimidating, I now feel totally at ease there.”

~ Spencer H.

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Dylan P.

“First, you get a free session every 6 weeks so it's hard to go wrong. Second, I know that the goals of the BHC staff center around healthy choices - I have never felt like someone is pushing me beyond my capability, yet I feel thoroughly challenged by the workouts provided. Third, having someone to work with will greatly increase your efficacy in the gym. I consider myself an experienced fitness nerd, but I can't see every little thing I'm doing the way a professional can, nor can I see what my body is doing when I am focused on my exercise. correcting unseen mistakes can have a huge impact on your workout - from your gains to avoiding potential injury. Also, getting a new perspective keeps things fresh and fun!”

~ Dylan P.

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