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While having a fitness program to follow is a great start, we could all use extra help with our workouts every now and then. Do you need the motivation of meeting with a trainer on a regular basis to keep you committed to coming to the gym and stay on track with achieving your goals? Hiring a trainer can be a great way prevent boredom and keep things challenging at the gym. No matter what your fitness goal is, we have a trainer here that can help you achieve it.

Our certified personal trainers are here to help you monitor exercise selection, perfect your technique to avoid injury, and accomplish your goals in the most efficient way possible. They have the training required to closely monitor your form and push you in the most productive way possible, helping you take the guesswork out of your gym time.

The cost of Personal Training is not included in a BHC membership, and the rates are as follows:


Single 1/2 hour Session

6-pack 1/2 hour Sessions


Single 1 hour Session

6-pack 1 hour Sessions



Includes one 60 minute initial consultation & three 30 minute Personal Training sessions.




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