Small Group Training Membership

Beginning in May, BHC will have 13 Small Group Training sessions available each week. 

A while ago, we came up with a concept called Ballard GRIT as an alternative fitness activity offered at BHC. Ballard GRIT (Group Interval Training) was a program where personal trainers would follow the same workout outline established for each day of the week. 

GRIT sessions have been held in our Training Studio located on the 2nd floor accessible via the stairway in the cardio area of the main gym. 

Over the past several months, we have come to realize the Ballard GRIT concept was too much like a class versus the focused attention members wanted from personal trainers. We have learned what participants really desired was "Small Group Training". 

With Small Group Training, people get focused personal training support tailored to their individual needs in a shared training environment that greatly reduces the price from one on one personal training. 

With all that said, we are now going to change our "GRIT" sessions to Small Group Training sessions beginning in May and will limit the number of attendees to 8 participants per session. 

There will be two new Club membership levels that include Small Group Training. The intent is to provide a very economical way to participate and benefit from this more focused fitness offering along with all the benefits of a Club membership. 

BHC PLUS Membership including Small Group Training    

  • 4 SGT Sessions per Month $99

  • Unlimited SGT Sessions per Month $159

We also have pricing for people that want Small Group Training only without a BHC membership.

Small Group Training without a BHC Membership 

  • 4 SGT Sessions per Month $80

  • Unlimited SGT Sessions per Month $140

A single Small Group Training drop-in is $25. First session is free to anyone that wants to try it out. For more information about Small Group Training and the schedule of sessions, click here: 

If you want to upgrade to one of the new SGT memberships, we have a simple upgrade form available at our front desk. 

Our intent is to continue to provide a broad range of fitness offerings at BHC to accommodate the varied interests of our members. 

Thanks for being here! 


Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager