Kathy Burge


How long have you been a member at Ballard Health Club?

Since 2007, so twelve years.

What is your favorite piece of equipment or exercise to do in the gym?

I love step aerobics class. Both Galen and Jose are amazing instructors who make an hour of hard work seem like play.

Why do you work out?

My primary goal for exercising is pretty straight forward: to improve and maintain overall mental and physical health. Specific goals may change from time to time, but it all boils down to good overall health.

What do you do to work out?

I like classes. A motivating instructor gets me moving and pushing beyond my comfort zone. Since a foot injury has put my step aerobicizing on hold, I am giving the cycling classes a spin (pun intended). I also like to incorporate strength training and highly recommend the free fitness training sessions. My workouts end with stretching to improve my flexibility.

What in the gym has worked for you in attaining your goals?

The variety of workout options and the trainers. I have struggled with significant injuries over the years, including a back injury from a car accident that took over two years to recover from. Aeron and my past trainers have designed programs that kept me exercising while my injuries healed.

Why do you choose to work out at BHC?

BHC has everything I want in a gym and nothing I don’t want. Pat, the owner, does a great job of staying connected with members and responding to their suggestions for improvement. The staff are well credentialed and always willing to offer advice and encouragement. And members are so friendly. It feels like a neighborhood hangout—a very sweaty neighborhood hangout.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, the number one lesson I have learned in the past twelve years at BHC: just keep coming back.

Don’t feel like working out? Come anyway. It might not be a great workout, but you will keep up the habit. Injured? Come anyway. The trainers and class instructors will help you find a way to adapt around the injury. Have an infinite number of more fun things to do? Come anyway. You’ll leave feeling happier and healthier.

Just keep coming.