Planting the Seeds for Spring

Happy Spring everyone! I know I don't have to tell you what spring is about, as I'm certain that you are aware of the growing possibilities that become available this time of year. This is the time of year that we get to work alongside mother nature by planting, imagining and creating the groundwork for an awesome summer, fall, and winter. 

What seeds can you plant now that will show soon?!  Healthy eating habits, good sleep, and exercise are your keys to success. We've got your back here. 

If you want to know more about nutrition and healthy eating, Roxy is your go to person.  What I'm here to do is to get you into our classes (we have plenty to choose from!) which will move your body to the level of exertion that is going to change how you feel and sleep for the better. And I think how you  feel  is the key here. 

Please feel comfortable coming into any of our classes as you are - whatever shape, whatever size, whatever your energy level - just show up. We welcome all new faces and celebrate the diversity of all BHC members. I used to think we were a great health club in the heart of Ballard, but I've come to realize, with all of our members, we ARE the heart of Ballard. I see it every day in our classes and in the gym - good, hardworking humans doing the best they can to live a good, healthy life.

So, don't stop now. If you need a nudge, here it is - START NOW. You can come see me in Boot Camp. All of our 6:00am & 6:30am weekday Boot Camp classes are FREE this month. This is the perfect chance to get your workout in before your day begins. Unless you truly are sleep deprived, there are no excuses!

I'll see you in class! 

Karen Gamble 
BHC Class Director