Roxy Turner


Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach / Group Fitness Instructor

Roxy joined the Ballard Health Club in May 2015 as a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer with specializations in weight loss, corrective exercise, and working with cancer patients. In addition to teaching BodyPump™ and Metabolic Conditioning classes, you will often find her playing with all the different toys in the gym – especially Kettlebells.

She is passionate about delivering high-quality information in a way that is not patronizing or boring, and has worked with men and women of all ages and ability levels in order to help them get stronger, move better, and reach their health and physique goals.

As a trainer, Roxy loves teaching people how to balance programmed exercise with life’s other activities and hobbies. As a nutrition coach, she helps people learn how to balance eating healthful foods with enjoying their favorite indulgences. Her goal is to show people that exercise and nutrition don’t have to be a source of stress, but could instead be a source of fun.

Roxy is also the Marketing Manager.


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