We Welcome Member Suggestions

Amidst the hustle and bustle of running a health club from day to day, I need to take time to reflect on a monthly basis and think of a topic to write about that is of interest to our members. It's like a "state of the club" announcement, and a very healthy process for me to go through. 

With the exception of smaller studios, there are no other health clubs in Ballard where you can hear from the owner on a regular basis. 

There are also no other clubs in the area that like to encourage direct input from members when it comes to deciding where to direct efforts on maintaining and enhancing what the club has to offer. 

Everything from miscellaneous equipment (straps, various balls, benches, bars, clocks, etc) to an entire cycling studio - these were all original requests from our members. 

It's the members that use the club on a regular basis. They are the best judge of what they need in order to make the most of their fitness experience here. 

I receive input from members via direct email, chatting in person, and comment cards. Comment cards are reviewed and entered into a spreadsheet each week and then shared with our entire staff. The comments always trigger a discussion among our team regarding what actions we should take to follow up on the suggestion. 

Before we make any changes in the club, I discuss with each staff member what direction they think we should take. I'm not smart or brave enough to do this on my own without their input. I also try and get as much individual member input as possible regarding requests to swap out one piece of equipment for another before moving things around. 

With all that said, the message here is that we are very much a member-driven club and we welcome any input you have to offer to make your experience here the best it can be. If you have an idea for us, you can submit your comments in person by filling out our comment form and putting in the suggestion box just inside the club's lobby. You can also submit comments online at ballardhealthclub.com/suggestions.


Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager