Metabolic Conditioning Workout


There are several ways to put together metabolic conditioning workouts, but my favorite is using Rest-Based Training . With RBT, the moto is, "Push until you can't, rest until you can". Some people will need to take lots of shorter rests, while others prefer fewer, longer periods of rest. With RBT you use rest strategically to generate just the right intensity for your individual metabolic needs.

Do the following exercises in a chain, resting only as needed. Start with five repetitions of each exercise, then work your way down to one of each. Since you will be doing a low number of reps (5-4-3-2-1), choose a heavier set of dumbbells.

  • Push-up

  • Bent-over row

  • Bicep curl

  • Military Press

  • Reverse Lunge

You can do this chain once at the end of your workout as a finisher, or 3-5 times for a full workout. Remember to take rests when you lose form or reach failure. Rest as long as needed, then start right where you left off as soon as you are able. If you find that you are able to get through the entire chain without taking a rest, the weight you choose is most likely not heavy enough for you.

Roxy Turner
BHC Personal Trainer