From the Owner

Back in April I mentioned that we had a chance to expand the club into newly available space in the building, and we reached out to the members for suggestions regarding what we should use this space for. I received quite a few suggestions, and the most popular request was to use the space for a cycling studio at BHC. 

With that said, I want to announce that we do plan on having a cycling studio open sometime in the Fall. We are looking into the possibility of having both traditional instructor led classes and special "virtual" classes that would lead a group of participants through a guided route on a screen. The cycling studio's location will be above Studio Y. Access to this new studio will be via an old stairway that is already in place in the "closet" just outside the door to Studio Y. One of the tasks we need to do it to relocate the HVAC unit that is in the closet/stairway. 

For the remaining two thirds of the space, we have decided to make this the home of our Small Group Training program. As SGT has continued to grow and gain popularity with our members, it has become increasingly difficult to hold the sessions in the main gym while trying to respect the space of all the other members as they go about their own workouts. We are excited to say that we have already converted the area above the back half of Starbucks into a training gym, and we have moved our SGT sessions into this new space. We will continue to enhance and grow this relatively new program at BHC. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please fill out the registration form at the bottom of the Small Group Training page on our website. 

The training studio will expand to wrap around to the back of the building, where it faces Chase bank. The new cycling studio will be connected to the training studio via a hallway that contains two restrooms. There is quite a bit of work to do to get the new cycling studio ready, but we have already started the process and very much look forward to having a cycling studio be a part of a BHC PLUS membership. 

We will keep you posted as we make progress on this exciting new step for BHC and it's members. 

Pat Gilbrough  
Owner and General Manager

Ballard Health Club