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Seth S.

“Any concerns I may have had about whether or not Aeron would be a good match for my needs was offset by observing how well she worked with other members of BHC.

Aeron has an infectiously positive attitude that overcame my reservations and less than enthusiastic attitude toward physical challenges. It was obvious she didn’t just show up for a training session but had put thought into my concerns and objectives to develop an appropriate exercise routine.

Working with a trainer has its benefits. A trainer has experience with our physical needs and a variety of approaches to meeting them that can provide variety and appropriateness that most of us are not capable of doing on our own. They can provide motivation when internally it is weak.”

~ Seth S.

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“I started with Aeron about 9 months ago. Since I have lower back arthritis and a meniscus tear in my left knee I'm always concerned about movements/exercises that don't compromise those 2 areas.

Aeron gives me feedback and helps me learn and to recognize correct body mechanics, ie, how to keep my back in a safe and neutral position, for example. And we work with front to back rather than side to side motions for my knee. Her communications reassure me and allows me to proceed without hesitation.

For me, there is a learning curve involved in appreciating techniques, movements and weights that are effective and safe, along with lots of practice. I'm not the expert. And having a knowledgeable trainer who is also a good communicator motivates me and gets me in the door.”

~ Teresa

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Stephen F.

“While [the staff at BHC] are all qualified and certified trainers, Aeron has been especially accommodating and helpful. She’s also unfailingly upbeat and responsive to my specific needs.

Overall [my] strength is clearly better. Partly, this is a result of changing the routine every couple of months, the importance of which I hadn’t recognized before my BHC workouts. As a result, no muscle group is left neglected.”

~ Stephen F.

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Jennifer F.

“An important element that a trainer should have is to give encouragement and inspiration. Aeron is an amazing cheerleader, always there to encourage, inspire and motivate. Her energy is positive and infectious.

I wanted to be challenged without feeling defeated. I wanted to see and feel real progress and was concerned I may not achieve that. She listened thoughtfully to my goals, and procured a workout to meet those goals. I think after working together the first time, she was able to gauge even better what I wanted. As a result, she was able to hone in on the perfect work out for me, and continues to build on that.”

~ Jennifer F.

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Glenda C.

“Aeron is a positive force in my well being and a delight to work with!

I’ve been a member of BHC for many years & all trainers I’ve worked with have been friendly, skilled & professional. You get the best results from a training program designed specifically for you, for your personal health & fitness needs, by a skilled professional trainer.”

~ Glenda C.

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Charleen S.

“After having surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, labrum and bicep, I was a little worried about re-injuring my shoulder. I was worried that I was out of shape after taking time off from my surgery. Aeron listened to my concerns and was receptive to my needs. Aeron also gave me choices on exercises if I was experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Aeron is a knowledgeable trainer who works with her clients to achieve results. Aeron rocks!”

~ Charleen S.

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