We're Here for You - 24/7!

What a February! Snowmageddon hit Seattle on Monday, February 4th - the same day cycling classes were scheduled to begin classes in our new Cycling Studio. Our first cycling class was scheduled for 6am that morning, and our instructor could not make it to the club through the snow. Brenda Savage, (a long-time BHC member who is also a certified cycling instructor) was ready as our backup instructor, and walked about a mile and a half through the snow to instruct the class. Thank you Brenda for saving the day! 

The cycling class scheduled for that day at 6pm also encountered the same situation. Karen Gamble, our Class Director and cycling instructor, stepped in and taught 16 participants in her first class. With a max of 20 participants, that's almost a full class! 

Making sure that we had backups lined up for staff and instructors became the norm at Ballard Health Club for the duration of the snowy weather. 

With many other fitness places in Ballard either opening late or not at all on many of the snowy days, the staff at BHC worked together and put in the extra effort needed to ensure that our front desk opened as usual at 5:30am during the week and 8am on weekends. Our overnight crew worked together and with the day crew to ensure the club was accessible (as usual) before and after front desk hours to provide our members the dependable, uninterrupted access to the club 24 hours a day, every day of the week. 

During the bizarre snow storm, the feeling of community at BHC was elevated with the sense that people could depend on each other when a difficult situation presents itself. It was very rewarding to hear the appreciation from our members that they could depend on us, being one of the few places open for them during the crazy weather. 

I want to express my thanks and acknowledge the fantastic staff we have here at Ballard Health Club for everything they do, day in and day out, to keep our club running and accessible for our Ballard community. I feel blessed and very fortunate to be working with these people to make Ballard Health Club what it is today.


Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager