Marching into March

If the snow kept you away, if your job has kept you busy, or if you just fell into a winter slump, now is the time to put your trainers on and head into BHC. We surprised ourselves a few weeks ago when our tally for number of classes per week peaked at over 100! Yep, my eyes widened too. The addition of the cycling studio and GRIT training sessions have allowed us to reach this pinnacle. And guess what? We are adding even more! Cycling has proven to be a hit among our members, and a lot of fun to boot. I really hope you try it. We are still running the intro to cycling class on Saturdays at 4pm through March. It's a great way to get started and ensure that you'll feel prepared for any of our other cycling classes. 

March is also a good time to get started on your fitness goals. Is there a race you would like to run, or a mountain you would like to climb in the coming seasons? Maybe it's time to change things up and try something different. I'm certain, if you are reading this, your health is important to you. And I hope you are excited about finding new ways to increase your potential. We are never done; fitness is a life long journey. If you don't believe me, you should take a peek at our Silver Sneakers and Silver Plus classes - they are full of folks who continue to reach for and achieve their fitness goals by living active and healthy lives. 

We have classes that cover a wide range of formats, physical challenges, and interests. I'm certain we have what you need, and I encourage you to try something new. Here's an idea: try a class in each of our 4 studios this month. Challenge yourself to your own idea of peak performance. It doesn't have to be 100 classes - you just have to start with one. I'll see you in class! 

Karen Gamble 
BHC Class Director