Old Staff at the Club

September 25, 2019

Last month the title of this article was "New Staff at the Club" to introduce you to our new arrivals over the summer. This month I’m writing about day staff that have been here for a while. 

Harvey Alinea has been working at BHC for over 10 years. He came to us from the Shoreline Transition Program and works at cleaning the club from noon until 4pm the first three days of the week. He will always tell you when it’s sunny outside and has a laugh that puts a smile on the face of anyone near.

Karen Gamble has been our Class Director for many years. She has the enormous job of managing all our classes and instructors which currently is at 93 classes with over 40 different instructors. As if managing all of this is not enough, Karen is also a class instructor in just about every category we offer at BHC including cycling, yoga, boot camp and cardio mix.

Aeron Jarvis was working for BHC for several years before I became owner in January 2014. She then left to do other work and thankfully came back to BHC in 2018. In addition to working the front desk and personal training duties, Aeron is our Training Manager and is the editor of our monthly newsletter. 

Chris Alfano has been a steady and dependable part of our BHC family since January 2017. Chris works the front desk and does personal training.  In addition to having a personal training certificate as all our trainers do, Chris also holds a degree in Exercise Science.

Lara Roche-Sudar is our Social Media Manager and has been involved with our Instagram and Facebook presence for over a year now. Our growing social media audience enjoys the benefit of Lara’s fresh and creative content with multi postings she does weekly for the Club. Lara also works the front desk, is a personal trainer, and class instructor.

Jake Burkey continues to do a great job as our Facilities Manager along with working the front desk and doing personal training. Jake also manages our overnight crew made up of Justin McCarter, Chris Hope, and Sean Grey.  The “ON Crew” handles the huge responsibility of the overall cleaning of the Club every night, along with keeping an eye on things after hours. We have been open 24/7 for a few years now and that is made possible by the efforts of Jake and our overnight crew. 

Hattie Quick continues to build her fan club in her Silver Plus classes along with working at the front desk and personal training. Hattie just celebrated her 1 year anniversary at BHC by having lunch at a Ballard restaurant with many of her students from her class. 

Adriane Ball came on board last November to work at our front desk and has since evolved into the Club’s Operation Manager taking over that duty from Roxy Turner. Roxy keeps busy as a class instructor, personal trainer and nutrition coach for the Club while also operating an Airbnb and planning her own wedding. The Operations Manager role is mainly behind the scenes and includes everything from training new personnel, scheduling, payroll, dealing with membership issues and several other tasks needed to run a Club like ours day to day. 

Aeron, Chris, Lara, Jake, Roxy and Hattie (and our new trainer, Terry) Small Group Training sessions during the week in our Training Studio on the 2nd floor. 

Visit our staff page on the Ballard Health Club website to put names to faces and to read the bios of the day staff mentioned above.

Writing just a few lines about these people does not do them justice. The day to day energy and effort they put into their jobs at BHC are what makes our Club the special place it is for so many of us. I feel absolutely blessed to have these people choose to spend their working life at BHC and thank them for making my time at the job as rewarding as it is at Ballard Health Club.


Pat Gilbrough
Owner / General Manager