Move More During the Holidays

I recently began a cleanse. Ironically, I remember tilting my head sideways last year when a friend of mine told me she and her husband were cleansing through the holidays. I thought it was an impossible task to enjoy the season without all the sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and bread! Not to mention the excess material stuff that goes along with it. I didn't choose the time, it chose me. I'd been feeling sluggish, drained, with a slight hint of ennui. 

The first thing I did was turn off the news, then I took a GRIT session with Jake. That's all I needed to get inspired when a friend mentioned wanting a cleanse buddy. We are each other's support in this adventure. BHC staff and instructors are also my motivation team. I'm trying the new Zumba with Dan on Fridays, and getting an early start to my day with a GRIT workout with Spencer and/or Quinn. And although I have training in nutrition, my brain works better when I talk to others, so Roxy - expect an appointment with me!  

For me, starting a cleanse/workout goal routine before the holidays felt right, and in a way, I guess I'm preparing for the year ahead. And I know you will be creating your goals soon too. New Year's goals are attainable if you plan to make the space in your life to reach them. That space can be filled with new experiences that ask you to tap into challenging yourself towards the change you're looking for. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit (or fitter!), or create new life goals, it all takes movement.  

So, make a plan, and MOVE! Move your body, move your mind, move your routine.  I'm excited we'll be adding cycling classes soon. I'm confident we have the instructors to challenge you and I'm inspired knowing that you will show up and challenge yourself. So be here now, and change what you need to. Let's finish this year with insight into what's next. And let's plan on it being AMAZING.  I'll see you in class! 

Karen Gamble 
BHC Class Director