Cycling Studio Update

This month I'm excited to give you an update on our new cycling studio. The new studio is located above the west (shorter) side of Studio Y on the second floor. 

To gain access to this new space, we have been working on opening a previously inaccessible stairway between Studio Y and the second floor. 

The most challenging thing to resolve for the new studio was relocating the HVAC unit (combination heater and air conditioner) that had been located in the entrance to this previously unused stairway.  

We also had to resolve the issue regarding the door to Studio Y blocking the stairway, which was discussed earlier in the newsletter.

It has been difficult to hire contractors to do the expansion labor, so about 90% of all the work has been done is by our own staff.  The exception, of course, being the tasks that required specialized expertise such as electrical and HVAC.

Here are the other main tasks to be accomplished to prepare the cycling studio: 

  • Finish the new stairway with drywall, paint, and handrails

  • Install roll up door on stairway (to allow closure after hours)

  • Build a 7" tall step for the back row of bikes to be elevated on, which will also be used as an air plenum to channel pumped in fresh air to the room

  • Add exhaust system to pull out "used" air and send to the outside of the building

  • Sound System for music and the instructor PA

  • LED dimmable lighting on bike step and back wall

  • Add sound insulation, drywall, and paint to studio

  • Extend WIFI, install iPad check-in kiosk (same as Studio X and Y)

  • Install mirrors on wall, rubber flooring, and water fountain

Our hope is to complete all these tasks during the month of December, and then have a soft opening for cycling classes during the month of January. 

We have 21 brand new Schwinn AC Performance bikes waiting in a warehouse in Marysville, and we are very much looking forward to having them in their new home soon.

Happy Holidays!

Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager