It's Time to Start Cycling!

We are ready! We have hired top-notch instructors, trained everyone how to use the new equipment, and put together a full schedule of 18 classes/week. Now, it's up to you to show up. Here's what you need to know: 

Proper Clothing

Dressing for class does not mean you have to wear padded shorts or a cycle jersey. Padded shorts can provide additional comfort, but they are completely optional. If you choose to wear shorts, make sure they are spandex or tight-fitting - looser running shorts can sometimes ride up and cause discomfort. Fitted crops or leggings are also a great option. Note that clothing that is too loose at the ankles could get caught in the bike around the pedals. As for your top, be prepared to sweat! That means choosing a shirt that is made of a sweat-wicking material. 


The pedals on our new cycling bikes allow for regular shoes on one side, and cleats on the other. For shoes, sneakers work just fine as you begin to dips your toes into cycling. Once you begin to fall in love with cycling, you may want to invest in cycling shoes with cleats. Why buy proper cycling shoes? The hard sole prevents your foot from wrapping around the pedal. The cleats attach the shoe to the pedal, which allows you to pull up with one leg while you push down with the other for a more balanced ride. 

Understand the bike

We are offering beginner classes on Saturdays at 4pm to give you extra instruction regarding how to set up and ride your bike. If you arrive early to any of our cycling classes, our instructors will be available to walk you through how the bike works before class begins. You need to know the height of your seat and the distance of the handlebars, which will affect your foot position. You will also want to take a moment to understand how the resistance knob works. If you are not sure, ask! Instructors love to help. 

Work at your own level

Your first couple classes may be challenging, since you are asking your body to learn a new skill and cardiac baseline. Take it at your own pace. While everyone may be up out of the saddle spinning, feel free to stay in your seat and work on developing the basics. If cycling is new to you, be assured that you will see improvement after only a few classes. 

Stay for the cool down and stretching

Our bodies need to cool down and recover from intense workouts. This allows our blood to flow and reduce muscle soreness or stiffness. 

Have fun!

Introduce yourself to your fellow riders, say hello to your instructor, and let us know how it went. I hope you are as excited as I am, and I'll see you in class!

Karen Gamble 
BHC Class Director