Cycling Studio Now Open!

We did it! 

Sunday, January 20th was our deadline for completing the cycling studio, as we had a cycling instructor training scheduled for that day. The bikes were scheduled to be delivered on 1/18, so Jake and I worked past midnight the night before to finish installing the rubber flooring before the bikes arrived. 

As stated in previous newsletters, pretty much all the work needed for the new cycling studio was done by BHC staff. I needed to spend most of my time at the Club these last couple of months working on the studio and related infrastructure for it. I could not have focused as much as I was able to do without having a GREAT staff here at BHC to take care of the million things we need to do on a day to day basis to keep this place running well. With that said, I want to give the credit for getting the enormous task of completing the studio on time to our staff. 

The cycling studio is fully operational, but there are still a few items on our TO-DO list to take this new studio from good to great: 

  • Add mirrors to the walls

  • Install mood lighting (to be determined by each individual instructor)

  • Switch out regular overhead lighting for dimmable lighting

  • Add finishing touches to the stairway leading up to the studio                          (paint, hand rails, and rubber flooring)

  • Install a water fountain near the new upstairs restroom

  • Add sound-proofing for new ventilation system in the ceiling of the stairway

  • Add an additional sound-proofing wall between Studio Y and the new studio 

We will continue to work on these things and will have the stairway opened for use as of February 4th when cycling classes begin. 

We want to give our current members and their friends the opportunity to check out our new cycling studio for themselves before advertising it to the general public. To that effect, all cycling classes are free this month. This means that if you have a basic membership, you will get to try cycling without paying the $5 drop in. Non-members are also welcome to try our cycling classes for free, so you are encouraged to bring your friends! For PLUS members, cycling classes are included in your membership.

I am looking forward to moving past the expansion effort upstairs in order to focus on other general gym improvements, including a review of equipment for upgrades and brightening up our breezeway entrance. 

Thank you for your patience as we explored this exciting new opportunity to open our own cycling studio for our members. We hope that you will celebrate with us by trying out one of our new classes! 


Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager