Glutes and Hamstrings Workout


This month’s workout will be all about those Glutes and Hamstrings! We’re going to work on that posterior chain rather than a more quad-focused leg workout. For our Low Bar/Wide Stance Box Squats, we want the bar resting on our rear delts, our box set to about knee height and our feet flared out a bit more than usual. Flaring the feet out more than usual will put a focus on external rotation of the hips, a function of the glutes. Having the box behind you will allow you to focus on really sitting the hips back without the fear of falling backwards.

  • Romanian Deadlift 4x5

  • Low Bar/Wide Stance Box Squats 3x8

  • Hamstring Curl (prone) 3x10

  • Calf Raises 3x12

  • Cable Glute Pull Through 3x10

If you would like more detailed instructions about this workout please sign up for a Fitness Training appointment with me, or ask me or a trainer at the front desk if you have questions!