Yoga and Fitness Classes in the Park


June 26, 2019

We are doing it again. Yoga in Ballard Commons Park starting on Saturday, July 20th at 10am-11am. Just look for the BHC sign and one of our instructors on the north side of the park. We will have only a couple of extra mats so it's a good idea to bring your own. This is our 5th year offering yoga classes during the summer for our Ballard community. We love all things Ballard and want to help build the quality community relationships that make you want to say “Hi” to your neighbors. So please, say “Hi” to one of your neighbors, bring them, and grab a friend or two to enjoy BHC Yoga in the Park. It’s free!

On top of the Yoga in the Park we are teaming up with the Ballard Alliance and other local businesses to offer free fitness classes at 9am in Ballard Commons Park. These classes begin June 22nd at 9am. We will offer Tabata with Lisa Rider on June 29th and HIIT with Alisa Walker on July 6th. This is a great summer program designed to encourage you to meet your neighbors, preserve the vibrancy of the park, and keep Ballard friendly. 

This summer, while the landscape reminds us why we live here in the PNW let’s also remember what it takes to keep ourselves happy and healthy. We offer plenty of opportunities for you to find that balance between work and play. Movement is key to your health and as we age, we want to find new challenges to keep ourselves active. Please come play with us- if I don’t see you in the park, I’ll see you in class!