Full Body, Functional Strength Circuit


As the fall approaches, it's a good time to start thinking about ways to bring those workouts back indoors and make use of this warm, dry gym and all its equipment. Here's a super time-efficient way to get a good full body workout in 15-20 minutes! It's a good mix of strength and muscular endurance exercises with time-based sets so you can either go lighter with more reps, or crank up the weight and focus more on strength gains. 

3-4 Rounds:

  • 60sec - Barbell Deadlifts

  • 60sec - Landmine 180s (see photos below)

  • 60sec - Alternating Plyometric Push-Ups

  • 30/30sec - Single Leg Step Ups

  • 60sec - Decline Leg Raises

If you are looking to develop a little more explosive strength , substitute power cleans in place of the deadlift! Set up a fitness training session with a trainer and we'd be happy to help you get accustomed with this routine. 

Jake Burkey
Personal Trainer