Jake Burkey


Personal Trainer

Jake grew up playing competitive sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, track & field, and football.  As a standout football and track athlete in high school, Jake chose to peruse college football at the two-year level in Arizona.   When the football career was over he moved back home to Seattle to pursue a career in fitness.

Jake aspires to help people from all walks of life achieve a higher state of well-being through the benefits of physical fitness and exercise.  Through his experience training as a college athlete, Jake has learned that it takes a combination of effort and proper training techniques along with appropriate program design to reach one’s fitness goals. Using what he has learned to succeed athletically, Jake is looking forward to helping people achieve their fitness goals by setting them up for success using these principals.

Jake is a NASM certified personal trainer and is currently persuing a degree in exercise science.

Jake is also the Facilities and Overnight Crew Manager.