Core Workout

Core Workout
Core Workout

Beach season is fading fast, but your beach muscles don't have to. Try this quick core circuit if you're short on time or just add it on to the end of your workout. You'll work on core strength, stability, and endurance as you move quickly through this circuit with short breaks in between rounds. 

What you Need: 

  • One dumbbell for Plank Pull-Throughs 

  • One set of dumbbells for Renegade Rows  

  • Band attached to a wall or machine (as pictured) or a cable machine for the Pallof Press w/ Lateral Walk.

Workout Part I:  3-4 Rounds

30-45 seconds per exercise.  Complete all three as a circuit, break 45 seconds, then complete the next round.

  • Plank Pull-Through

  • Renegade Row

  • Up and Down Plank


Workout Part II: 3-4 Rounds

  • Pallof Press w/ Lateral Walk (see photo above) - 10/10 reps

  • Single Arm Farmer's Carry - 30/30 seconds

Chris Alfano
Personal Trainer

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