Awesome Autumn

August 26, 2019

Ah September, when we get our old life back, the one before the sunshine, BBQ’s, vacations and outdoorsy-ness! Okay, we’re outdoorsy year-round but you know what I mean; the carefree approach of summer is over and it’s back to school schedules and business meetings. September is a good time to clear our heads and clear our calendars to make room for the things that are going to set us up for success. Why now?  Maybe it’s because that’s what we did when we were headed to school or maybe it’s Mother Nature’s cooling down that helps us want to prioritize progress and make our continued health part of our future goals.  

Yep we can make it awesome Autumn. Let’s set our schedules on auto-pilot before the holidays when everything goes topsy turvy. The trick is to get on it early and make clear fitness goals. Take one of those happy hours off the weekly schedule and add in a BodyPump class. We’ve added two more evening BodyPump classes so you can do that. We’re also adding a weekend Cardio Mix if you’re headed back to school and can’t make it to the weekday classes. (Seattle teachers and students, we’ve loved having you with us this summer!) We’ve enjoyed having all of you! 

It’s never too late to create a new habit, so pick a class. It’s also never too early to sign into a class, you can sign up from home online through our MindBody System. It’s a good way to set your daily goals.

There are more changes on the current schedule so check out those changes here. We also have a truncated schedule for Labor Day (due to reduced front desk hours). Those changes are listed in this newsletter. I’ll see you in class!!!!

Karen Gamble
Class Director