New Staff at the Club

August 26, 2019

We have had several personnel changes over the summer.

Chassi Seppi has been with BHC since the Spring of 2017 and is now moving on to a job at a strength and conditioning studio in the SODO area. It is hard to say goodbye to a long term BHC staff member. I wish the very best for Chassi in the next chapter of her working life.

Netto Cancilla has been hired to fill the position left by Chassi.  “Netto” is pronounced ‘net-toe.’

Lauren Silva worked for us this summer in a non-trainer front desk position and she has now returned home to the East Coast. Besides working at the front desk, non-trainers receive more specific scheduled tasks during the week like cleaning barbells, calibrating cycling bikes, etc. Ralph Abraham has been hired to take on Lauren’s role.

If you are here on weekday mornings you have probably met Terry Smith-Harris at the front desk. Terry was hired in June to replace Spencer who moved to Arizona. Besides working the Front Desk and doing Personal Training, Terry will be leading a Boot Camp class on Monday mornings along with Small Group Training sessions Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Sean Grey has joined the Overnight Crew to help clean and watch over the Club after hours. Sean is now part of the three-person team that includes Justin McCarter and Chris Hope. The Overnight Crew are managed by Trainer, Jake Burkey.

As General Manager, my job is to support the people we have on staff and make their time at Ballard Health Club as rewarding as possible to themselves and the members that they serve. I greatly appreciate these people choosing BHC as a workplace.

Check out our staff page at

Please give a warm BHC welcome to our new additions when you get the chance.


Pat Gilbrough
Owner / General Manager

PS. As a follow up to last month’s newsletter - I had a great time cycling to Vancouver BC from Seattle this last weekend!