Elaine W.

“Thinking of toning your body? Why not give Ballard Health Center's personal trainers a try?  I did.   I’ve been to a few gyms, but this one fit me perfectly.

When I hired Chassi Seppi, (personal trainer at Ballard Health)  she ascertained my specific needs.   I’m a 'mature’ woman who had let a past knee surgery slow me down and knew I had some major work to do.

Now, mind you she’s one of those young athletic types… so I was a bit wary for a moment. However, Chassi carefully listened to my aspirations and came up with  a 1/2 hour weekly schedule that targeted my goals as well as addressed my hesitations and limitations. Every week with her,  I feel each session is designed for my benefit.  This continues to help me become a stronger person as well as gives me confidence to believe that I can reach my goals.

The best part is, I don’t dread the visit to the gym.  No longer do I have to make excuses and find reasons to cancel my work outs.  This work out - is perfect for me.  It is doable. reachable,  and offers a pathway towards becoming a healthier and happier person.

I would recommend Ballard Health Center’s personal trainers.  Their guidance can show you ways to get in shape at the gym without 'back breaking' strenuous workouts and 'next day' sore muscles.  They can demonstrate ways that will encourage you to return each time with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  And hope. 

After all, isn’t that what going to the gym should be like?

Please feel free to contact this ‘mature’ woman if you would like more information.”

~Elaine W.

Ballard Health Club