Tri-Set Workout

Hattie Workout SEP19.JPG

Try this tri-set of total body exercises when you are short on time at the gym! Cycle through each exercise before taking a 60 second rest at the end. Repeat this cycle two more times.

  • #1: Kettlebell Squat Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension (3x10)

  • #2: Dumbbells Single-leg Deadlift to Balance to Lateral Raises (3x8/8)

  • #3: Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups (3x10/10)

Complete the first exercise to work on the squat pattern, biceps, shoulders, and triceps. Exercise number two focuses on the hip hinge pattern, single leg balance, and the medial deltoids. The final exercise helps you discover imbalances side-to-side, focuses on the lunge pattern, engages the core and glutes, and stabilizes the rotator cuff muscles.  

If you would like more detailed instructions about this workout please sign up for a Fitness Training appointment with me or ask a trainer at the front desk if you have questions!