Saying Goodbye to Staff

We have had a busy September with many personnel changes. 

Allison Raines had been with BHC for over six years, and did everything from buying all our supplies, to managing training, working the front desk four days a week, starting the Small Group Training offering, and taught seven classes a week. Allison decided to try out a completely different career path and recently left BHC for Amazon, and is now working there as a legal assistant. Allison still teaches classes - MAX-Fit on Wednesdays @ 6:00am, and BodyPump @ 8:15am on Saturdays. 

Aeron Jarvis worked at BHC several years ago, and decided to come back just as Allison was making plans for a career switch. With Allison's help, Aeron has stepped in to take on most of the roles Allison had, including running the 12:15pm Cardio-Mix classes, publishing the newsletter, buying supplies, and has also stepped into the Allison's shoes as our new Training Manager. 

Ace Young worked on the ON (Overnight) Crew for over two and a half years, and became the manager of the ON Crew about a year ago. Ace has just left BHC to join his old friend and former BHC ON Crew colleague, Ryan Potter, to attend college in Sweden.  

Vanessa Peterson also worked on the ON crew for over two years, and she will be working her last weekend in September. After years of juggling a couple of overnight shifts a week with attending school, Vanessa is ready to start prioritizing her sleep! She is looking forward to going back to being a regular BHC member, as she was before she worked on the ON crew. 

With Ace leaving, Jake Burkey, our Facilties Manager, was assigned the additional role of managing the ON crew. One of Jake's first tasks was to hire a completely new staff of three individuals, and have everyone thoroughly trained by Ace before he left. We now have a completely new ON crew team of Tony Phillips, Yanni Li and Fred Brown in place under Jake's leadership. 

To round off a busy September of personnel changes, we have a new trainer on board! Her name is Hattie Quick, and her bio is in the New Trainer article above. 

Allison, Ace, and Vanessa were most certainly a dear part of our BHC family. Its a bittersweet parting considering how much their staff presence will be missed, but we are also excited for them in their next adventure. 


Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager