Second Floor Expansion

What I wanted to talk about this month is about our expansion into the 2nd floor space, and what that means to our members. 

This new area will primarily be used for two things - part of the space is now a devoted Small Group Training studio, and in the fall we will be opening a Cycling studio. 

We started Small Group Training last fall and have enjoyed watching it grow into into something large enough to need its own space as we continue to enhance the program. 

The addition of a cycling studio has been one of the most popular requests among members for many years now, and it thrills us that we finally have the space to make this dream a reality. Access to cycling classes will be a part of the current PLUS membership. 

The hope is that these two new offerings will bring in new members interested in these special features, along with providing more opportunities to workout in different ways for our existing members. By expanding the club with new offerings we continue to improve the overall cost efficiency of the club, which helps to keep our membership rates as low as possible. 

Adding more offerings allows us to attract a more diverse membership base, which results in a more stable month-to-month operation of the club - not to mention the enhanced value of our club's membership. 

Even for those that may not have an interest in participating in Small Group Training and/or Cycling, the overall benefit is still shared by ongoing members of the Club. 

We have been working hard since mid-Spring on the new expansion and have more hard work ahead of us, but it's been enjoyable and exciting seeing these new offerings taking shape. 

We are all looking forward to the day when members will be able to walk up the stairs past Studio Y to see the new Cycling Studio and Small Group Training spaces.

Thanks for being part of Ballard Health Club. 

Pat Gilbrough  
Owner and General Manager