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September 25, 2019

The daily demands of life in our society often place strains upon our bodies we are consistently untrained to confront. This month I want to give attention to the “rounded shoulders” postural distortion caused by sitting at desks/computer terminals.

Prone (face down) and Supine (face up) exercises are very helpful in developing / activating / maintaining the muscles involved in keeping your spinal posture intact.

Here we will discuss a flexion / extension combination, as well as a static hold combination in both prone and supine positions.


  • Cobra(s) - to begin, lie flat on floor/mat, fingers touching the ear lobes (never pull or press on head), elevate arms to activate upper back muscles and bring shoulder blades (scapulae) together, extend spine by elevating chest away from floor/mat while exhaling. REPEAT (sets of 25 - 40, or, 45 to 60 seconds) 1 to 3 Sets [ SPINAL EXTENSION ]

  • Low Plank(s) - to begin, lie flat on floor/mat, elbows/wrists/hands/toes are to remain connected to the floor/mat. Next, elevate the chest/shoulders/hips/head/knees away from the floor. The focus here is to maintain a neutral spine, without sagging the hips or dropping the head. To accomplish this, focus on engaging the quadriceps (thighs), while drawing the belly button in toward the spine. BREATHE (sets of 45 to 85 seconds) 1 to 3 Sets [ STATIC HOLD ]


  •  Hinge Crunch(es) - to begin, lie flat on floor/mat, arms fully extended above head and touching the floor. Draw the two hinge joints together while flexing the spine, touch both elbows to both knees, then return to the original position. REPEAT (sets of 15 to 30) 1 to 3 Sets  [ SPINAL FLEXION ]

  • Plank(s) - to begin, lie flat on floor/mat, anchoring heels into the floor/mat, with extended legs and some slight knee flexion. Next, anchor the elbows into the floor/mat for support which can be aided by the shoulders. STAY OFF OF YOUR NECK!!! Once feet and elbows are anchored, elevate your hips away from the floor/mat. (sets of 45 to 85 seconds) 1 to 3 Sets [ STATIC HOLD ]

If you would like more detailed instructions about this workout please sign up for a Fitness Training appointment with me, or ask me or a trainer at the front desk if you have questions!

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