Newsletter Makeover

June 26, 2019

We’ve made some changes to the BHC Newsletter to offer a cleaner, simpler, easier to use format using blog articles. Moving forward, the monthly newsletter will show only a glimpse of each blog article. If you’re interested in reading more, you can click on READ MORE to get the full length of the article. One benefit of blog articles is that they continue to live on, and you can access and read them at any time on the BHC webste (; so if you’re interested in looking at past Nutrition articles, Trainer Workouts, or Letters from the Owner or Class Director, you can! 

Our mission with BHC’s Newsletters is to engage you with information you can use to enrich your experience and involvement here at BHC.  Whether we’re making enhancements to the Club, adding fitness classes, offering new workshops and retreats or highlighting a special member of the month we look forward to sharing our news with you so that you can receive the most benefit from BHC’s thriving community! We hope you enjoy the new blog format and future newsletters to come!