Cycling Into Summer

We’re a few months into our cycling classes at BHC and they’re going awesome!  Personally, I’ve found that I can walk into a cycling class feeling dead to the world and 45 minutes later I am alive again. Why? Because I’ve gone full cardio on myself, hit upon my max and brought myself back down to a comfort zone (which by the way gets stronger each week) and survived to tell about it. Okay maybe that’s a bit of a hyperbole. I knew I wasn’t going to die and I was in shape when I started to cycle, but truth be told my cardio strength wasn’t so good. I had been huffing and puffing on some hills at Carkeek Park while walking my dog. I was doing yoga and weight training, but not taking care of my heart health. Cycling has changed all that!

You can start cycling at any level and increase your cardio fitness as well as burn some calories using those fabulously strong quadriceps and hamstrings of yours, pushing and pulling each revolution of the flywheel. You’ll improve your low-body strength while having fun with a group of like-minded individuals and an enthusiastic instructor.

Why would you take a cycling class in the summer rather than just ride your bike outside? Two words: Air Conditioning. I'm only slightly kidding on that but it's true, we just put in the air conditioning in the studio. You're still going to sweat but the temperature control is going to allow you to reach your maximum performance without heat exhaustion.  I encourage you to ride outdoors with the proper gear and travel on safe routes, especially if you’re going for speed and fitness levels that you find in a cycling class. It you’re looking for results then you want to work with consistency. Unless you’re really good at pushing yourself on a solo ride then you’re not going to reach the levels of exertion that our cycling instructors are going to ask of you. Our instructors are here to encourage you to reach your peak levels of exertion and to keep you motivated up each hill and through each sprint. You can get the best of both worlds - ride your bike to BHC and come take a Cycling class.

Our 4 weekend cycling classes are the “Free Classes” this month, so bring a friend. I’ll see you in class!

Karen Gamble
Class Director