Celebrating 20 Years!

As many of you know, BHC reached a major milestone last month - our 20 year anniversary. This month, I would like to acknowledge and celebrate the people that have worked here most, if not all, of those years. 

MJ Daniels first worked at the front desk when the club opened in May of 1998, in addition to instructing aerobics classes. Shortly after MJ started, she discovered something called "yoga" and the rest is history. MJ was also our first Class Director, in charge of establishing our classes and hiring instructors for them. 

Yoga classes started just a few months after the Club opened it's doors in 1998. And since then, BHC has been known for it's great value in quality yoga. Tracy Hodgemen was hired as our first yoga instructor, and  Heather Rudin joined us shortly after.  We are grateful that the two wonderful instructors that started yoga at BHC are still with us! 

David Seborer came on board at BHC in 1999, and members have been enjoying David's style of yoga for the past 19 years. 

Charlene Powell has been teaching Pilates at BHC for 18 years, to the delight of many. 

Galen Hermelee started doing a Step class at BHC in 2000, and was also our Class Director for while. She took a break from BHC to live out of the country for a spell, but then came back home to BHC and has taught her Step class twice a week ever since. 

Jose Rios is also one of our Step class instructors, and has been teaching at BHC since 2003. 

The people above have made BHC a part of their life for all (or most of) the club's history. The members of BHC have greatly benefited from their reliability and the care they have given to all the classes they have presided over all these years.  

My sincere thanks to MJ, Tracy, Heather, David, Charlene, Galen and Jose for all the time you have spent at Ballard Health Club, and we hope to see you all for another 20 years!


Pat Gilbrough  
Owner and General Manager