Bodyweight Circuit


It's that time of year when the PNW winter seems never-ending. If you have plans to escape the weather by traveling someplace warm, try these bodyweight exercises that require absolutely no equipment during your travels. If you are staying local this winter, you can build this routine into your weekly gym workouts to try a new way of getting cardio and increasing your strength and endurance at the same time!

Bodyweight Circuit (3 Rounds)
-15 Squats
-15 Triceps Dips
-15 Reverse Lunges (per side)
-15 Push-ups (assisted when needed)
-15 Glute Bridges
-60s Plank (hands or forearms)

Complete this circuit with little to no rest in between exercises, and 60 seconds of rest between rounds. This circuit works similarly to Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) Training in that it focuses on alternating between lower body and upper body exercises. PHA training gives your upper body a rest while your lower body is working, and vice versa, allowing for minimal to no rest needed between exercises.

Hattie Quick
BHC Trainer

WorkoutsBallard Health Club