Parking permits are required in order to park in any of the lots listed below. These are made available to all monthly renewing or annual members, and may be purchased at the front desk. Please see the map below for more detailed information on where to park during specific times of the day. 

Visitors and guests who purchase single visit passes should allow time to find street parking in the area.

Click here for a printable version.

BHC Parking Map
BHC Parking Rules

We have two permit payment options to choose from, and are only sold at the front desk:

  1. Monthly renewing parking permit: $5 / month

  2. Annual parking permit: $48 / year

Each parking permit must be linked to a specific BHC member number. Members with the same home address who share the same car may also be assigned to the same permit for no additional cost.

Members may choose a permit that affixes to the window of a single car, or a portable permit that is designed to be hung from the rearview mirror so that it may be shared among several cars.

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