In Remembrance of our Members

On August 2nd Alan Tate, a member of our club for over 18 years, passed away suddenly. Alan used to be the first one in line to enter the club at 5:30am when the front desk opened in the days before we offered 24 hours access. Once the club became accessible 24/7, Alan began coming in earlier and earlier. The check in time on the last visit he made at the club was at 1:24am.  With his very "early" visits to the club, he established strong bonds with a couple of our overnight crew - just like he had with our opening staff in the past. 

For those that had a chance to know Alan, he was an unforgettable presence. He had a kind of a mad scientist look, and would work out very intensely for a long time on a treadmill or bike while wearing khaki shorts with a belt. He'd give you a quick wave, and then get right back to his intense cardio workout. 

Earlier this year, another long-term member of the club, Mitsie Fujii, also passed away. I got to know Mitsie well as a fellow member (before becoming the owner in 2014) because she became close friends with my wife when they attended the same classes together over the years. If you were fortunate enough to know Mitsie, you know how much of a void she left in our lives when she passed away. 

Mitsie was as sharp as a tack and was always flipping me crap, though I often had trouble flipping it back at her level. Mitsie was the first member I told when I purchased the club, and I knew she wouldn't believe me at first and that made it all the more fun. 

My intent in this article was to remind us of the special and precious relationships that we have with one another. Many people become members of BHC as a temporary stop over before moving on to something else but others have settled into BHC and make it a significant part of their lives. Part of that significance comes from the community of people we "live with" when we come to BHC, and how our lives become enriched by sharing this place together. 

With that said, I want to remind all of us to appreciate the people we surround ourselves with every day. Never take these relationships for granted, because we really never know when that may end. 


Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager