Group Interval Training at BHC

What is this new thing called "Ballard GRIT," and what does that have to do with Ballard Health Club? 

This new fitness offering is known as "Group Interval Training" which is a blending of a group fitness class with personal training. In these workouts, you share the attention of a personal trainer with the other participants in the session. The idea is that you pay quite a bit less than one-on-one personal training - but you follow the same workout plan as everyone else in the session. The workout plans are designed to change day to day. 

At BHC, we are always looking to expand our options at our facility to help meet the needs of what our members are looking for. We think that Ballard GRIT is one of those things. GRIT takes place in the club's new second floor space and allows  our trainers another avenue to share their education, background and passion to assist members on their  fitness journey.

With the addition of Ballard GRIT - we now have everything from a basic $39/month GYM-only membership, to a PLUS class membership, a GRIT membership, and one-on-one personal training and lots of options in between. 

We have trademarked the name "Ballard GRIT" and we will soon have a separate website to help explain and promote this new program. 

We do like to keep busy around here, in addition to getting Ballard GRIT going we have also been making progress building the new cycling studio on the 2nd floor next to the GRIT Studio. I look forward to giving you an update on the cycling studio next month.


Pat Gilbrough 
Owner and General Manager