Choose Your Own Adventure Workout


Summer in Seattle can be unpredictable, so here’s a workout to fit any situation. Choose your workout adventure and perform these exercises as a circuit* or as straight sets**, for reps or time, at the gym or outside, it’s up to you! Movement is the most effective when it works for you, so have fun with this and pick exercises and workout structures that are challenging but not impossible to complete with excellent form.

Pick one: BW squats, BW lunges, BW lunge with knee lift (or any other lunge/squat variation)

Pick one: Pike push-ups, seal push-ups, feet elevated pike push-ups (or any push variation)

Pick one: BW pop squats, BW squat jumps, BW tuck jumps (or any lower body plyometric variation)

Pick one: plank, up-downs, partner plank fives (or any plank variation)

Below are two examples.

A. 3-5 rounds of:
10 back squats
5 chest to floor push-ups
10 box jumps
20 sec. weighted plank

B. 20:10 (work:rest) 4 rounds 
Lunge with knee up (alternating)
Pike push-up

20:10, 4 rounds
Tuck jump
Partner plank fives

*Circuit: complete one set of each exercise in a row then go back to the first and start again.

**Straight set: complete all sets of one exercise before moving on to the next.