April 15, 2014

Running Club begins this weekend!

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Please join us for our new running club! 

Allison will be hosting runs beginning THIS SATURDAY 4/19 at 8am.

Andrea will be hosting runs beginning next WEDNESDAY 4//23 at 6:30pm. 

ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME so please lace up those shoes and meet us!

More information to come about the running club…

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Home Practice Workshop

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BHC will be hosting a home practice workshop with Karen on April 26th from 2-4pm.

We all come to yoga through our own personal path. Some of us are grateful to get moving in asana. And others are drawn to the more contemplative aspects of the practice. Whatever brings you to yoga, a personal practice will enrich both body and mind. By creating a practice you can do at home or on the road that is suitable to your own body, schedule and desire, you will develop mindfulness, improve your poses and have more restful sleep. 

In this two hour workshop we’ll explore your personal goals and create a balanced practice using movement, breath work and meditation, as well as, exploring the concept of yoga ‘off the mat’. 

Bring a notebook or journal, there will be discussion, practice and meditation.

As always, no need to sign up for this workshop. It is free for members, and an $8 drop in fee for non-members. 

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April 7, 2014

Welcome to the Boxing Room

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Our new boxing room is up and ready to go!

A few things to keep in mind:

Please SHUT the door while you are using the room to try and keep the noise level down. 

However, when you are finished, please OPEN the door to let the room air out a bit.

And, finally, loaner gloves are available at the front desk. 

Have fun! We hope you enjoy the new room!

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Bittersweet Goodbye

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On April 28th the BHC community will say goodbye to one of our favorite trainers, Courtney Klop. Below are Courtney’s words to all of you at Ballard Health Club. Since Courtney will be around for the next few weeks still, make sure you get an appointment with her while you can!

To the lovely community at BHC,

I have come to know so many people within this gym and community that it only feels right to give you an explanation as to why you will see me less and less around here in the coming months.

I will be teaching the Strength Train class on Fridays (5:15-6:15) through the end of June, but my last day working full time is going to be Monday, April 28th.

In July I am leaving to go traveling, indefinitely. I will be slowly making my way south with a friend from culinary school, for a final destination of Costa Rica. We have a few stops planned in Oregon and California before planning on going into Mexico mid-August, where we will most likely catch a flight either to deeper Mexico or straight to Costa Rica.

I have fallen in love with the health and fitness industry and plan to stay a certified personal trainer, expanding my knowledge wherever I can. BHC has played a large part in my experience for this industry so far, as well as the deeper passion I have developed for it. Our community here is so unique and feels so much more than any other gym I have ever worked at or worked out at. I know I will miss it and absolutely plan on coming back, at least to visit if not fill in!

I currently keep a health and fitness related blog, linked below. I plan to keep up with this blog on my travels, but include more travel and personal type posts. Please, feel free to check it out and follow along.

As I am getting ready to move onward in life’s adventures, a friendly and familiar face is transitioning in to my position. Many of you have already seen former employee Chad Cook around recently. He is getting back in the swing of things and as of May 1st will officially be on staff full time!

See you all around the club!

~Courtney K.

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March 31, 2014

Silver Sneakers at BHC

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Ballard Health Club welcomes participants in the Silver Sneakers program. Memberships are now being accepted and classes will begin April 1st.

Silver Sneakers is for people 65 and older that have a Medicare supplemental insurance plan that includes Silver Sneakers eligibility. If your insurance includes Silver Sneakers — the membership to Ballard Health Club is paid for by this plan with no membership billing to you.

Washington State Insurance Companies that have plans that include Silver Sneakers:
AARP MedicareComplete by UnitedHealthCare
Asuris Northwest Health
Group Health Cooperative
Health Alliance Medicare
Premera Blue Cross
Providence Health Plan
Regence BlueShield
Soundpath Health

Silver Sneaker Classes:
Mondays and Wednesdays
1:30-2:30pm with Matt 

Other classes that may be of interest to Silver Sneaker Members:

7:45am-8:30am Gentle Yoga – begins April 15th with Heather
10:30-11:30am Basic Step with Laticia 

7:30pm-8:30pm Restorative yoga with Elliot and Fran

4:00-5:00pm Yoga Basics with Heather 

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March 25, 2014

New Classes in April

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April is fast approaching, and with it comes a few new classes to Ballard Health Club! 

“SS” Silver Sneakers Classic: The basic Silver Sneakers class increasing muscular strength and range of movement. Have fun and move to the music while doing carious exercises designed to increase strength, range of movement and activity for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and physio balls provide resistance. Chairs are used for support.
Class times will be Monday and Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm beginning April 2nd.

Gentle Yoga: Perfect for those who can’t meet the demands of physically straining exercises, this class will gently bring you gently into poses with lots of modifications!
Class time will be Tuesday 7:45am-8:30am beginning April 15th.

Take a look at our full, current class schedule here.


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March 24, 2014

Staff Running!

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This past Sunday, one of our trainers, Andrea, ran the Mercer Island Half Marathon! 

Congrats to Andrea and any other members who may have run this race as well!

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March 20, 2014

Yoga Pranastics Workshop

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Our next workshop is fast approaching! 

Yoga Pranastics workshop will be April 5th from 2-4pm with two of BHC’s favorite instructors: Tracy Hodgeman and Heather Rudin!

So what is yoga pranastics? This workshop will be a partner yoga workshop and a fantastic way to explore being upside down and inside out in a completely supported and safe environment. You will surprise yourself with what you can do with a little help from your friends. We will use our bodies to construct traditional yoga poses in rather untraditional ways, using eachother for walks and props. Safety is the rule, and fun is the name of the game. Gain confidence in yourself and trust in others. Learn to speak your truth and listen mindfully as you take turns supporting and being supported. Together we stand! 

Some yoga experience is required. Bring a friend, or two or three, or come on your own.

Workshop will be help at Ballard Health Club and is free to members and an $8 drop in fee for non-members. 

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March 10, 2014

Fun Weekend at BHC Ahead!

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Yin Yoga workshop happening this Saturday, March 15th with David. Workshop will be 2-3:30pm and all levels are welcome. No need to sign up.

We also have the Body Fat Test Truck here in the morning on Sunday, March 16th! Sign up for a time slot between 7:40 and 11:50am at the club.


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March 5, 2014

Body Fat Testing at BHC

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The Body Fat Test Truck  will be at BHC on Sunday, March 16th from 7:40am until 11:50am. This test/truck has been at BHC several times over the years.

The cost of the fat test is $49 (for initial test), $35 (for re-test – person has done it before). This is the same price for the bone density test. The 2 tests have a combined price of $88.
There is a placard about the test on the file cabinet in the front desk area and a binder with a signup sheet for each 10min slot starting at 7:40am.  This testing is for members and non-members.
If you are interested in getting tested, please sign up for a time slot next time you are at the club.
BHC will be on the Body Fast Test website schedule at >!seattle/c175r

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