There is always a lot going on at Ballard Health Club and what helps keep our members informed of all of the activity is a monthly email newsletter full of articles of interest and other pertinent information. Below you will find links to the archived monthly newsletters along with the headings of their contents.

February 2016

The Art of Flexing Your Mind from Chad Cook – New Classes – New Rates – Workshops – Friendly Fridays – BHC Hoops Club – Spartan Race Training – Member Spotlight: Anna Brownell – New Website Coming – Lost and Found – Recent Club Improvements – Spring Retreat at Suncadia #1 – Yoga Immersion Retreat at Suncadia #2 – Update on 24-Hour Access – Ladder Workout from Ivonne – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ from Stephanie – Suggestion of the Month – Workshops in February – From the Owner about New Rates 

January 2016

How to Stay Consistent in the Gym from Matt Anderson – Class Changes – New Classes – Gym Etiquette – Workshops: Bollywood Dance and Conflict Resolution – Food Bank Collection – BHC Hoops Club – Member Spotlight: Jay and Paula White – New Website Coming Soon – Lost and Found – Recent Club Improvements – Spring to Life Retreat at Suncadia – Facebook Challenge for Vintage BHC Gear – Spartan Race Training Class Series – Les Mills Body Pump Training – January Workout from Jade – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ from Stephanie – Meet the Overnight Crew – Locker Room Shower Remodel Complete – New Baseball Shirts – Suggestion of the Month – Class Focus from Karen: Les Mills BodyPump – From the Owner

December 2015

To Gym or Not to Gym from Roxy – Class Changes and Cancellations – Holiday Hours – BHC Hoops Club – Member Spotlight: Alex Hur – Spring to Life Retreat at Suncadia – New Classes at BHC – Women’s Shower Remodel  Dec. 18-30th – The Art of the Warm Up and Cool Down from Greg – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ from Stephanie – INSANITY Instructor Training – Focus On: Boot Camp! – From the Owner: Men’s Shower Remodel

November 2015

Staying Healthy Through Cold Season from Roxy – Additional Parking at BHC – Holiday Hours – Hoops Club – Member Spotlight: Glenda Chaffin – Men’s Shower Remodel – Posture During Workouts from Lese – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ from Stephanie – Thrill the World Recap – INSANITY Instructor Training – Intro to Yoga Workshop Series – Club Improvements – Soundbath Concert Workshop with MJ and Megan – Studio Y is Now Open! – What is ‘Barre’? – From the Owner 

October 2015

Everyday Fitness Boosts from Lese – New Trainer: Greg Guinasso – Body Fat Test Truck Returns to BHC – BHC Clubs – Trainer Accomplishments – Member Spotlight: Cynthia States – Locker Room Improvements – Body Weight Bodybuilding Workout from Matt B – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ from Stephanie – Thrill the World at BHC – Share and Play at BHC – Class Addition – Best of Western Washington Nomination – Fall Yoga Celebration Retreat Sold Out! – Intro to Yoga Workshop Series – Studio Expansion Update – Extra Classes on the Horizon at BHC – From the Owner about Safety

September 2015

Transition into Autumn from Roxy – New Trainer: Lese Kobernuss – BHC Clubs – Workout in the Park – Member Spotlight: Michael List – Shower Floor Remodel – Class Change – Flexibility Workout from Stuart – Nutritional Did You Know from Stephanie – Thrill the World at BHC – New eCard Enhancement – Men’s Locker Room Expansion – Fall Yoga Celebration at Suncadia – Pile on the Miles Winners – Studio Expansion Update – Class Focus on Class Karma from Karen – From the Owner

August 2015

Stretch Your Fitness – New Trainer: Tanner Walker – BHC Clubs – Workout in the Park – Member Spotlight: Erica Wilson – Shower Floor Remodel – Class Changes and Additions – Couch to 5k Weight Workout – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ – New Technology at BHC – Fall Yoga Celebration at Suncadia – Pile on the Miles – Expansion Update – Class Focus – From the Owner

July 2015

More Parking – BHC Highest Rated Club – BHC Clubs – Yoga in the Park and Seafood Fest Zumba – Get Your BHC Shirt – Expansion Update – Class Focus – Why Not You? – BHC’s Mighty Muscle Monsters – Member Spotlight: Alan Presley – Hiking Focused Workout from Roxy – Nutritional Did You Know – Autumn Yoga Rejuvenation Celebration Retreat – From the Owner

June 2015

Summer Hiatus Classes – Class Change – July 4th Closure – Parade Thanks – Facebook Challenge – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ – Expansion Update – Run Club – Consistency Through Summer – BHC Staff Additions – Member Spotlight: Mitsie Fujii – Quick Summer Workout from Chad Cook – New BHC Shirts – Yoga Wake Up/Wind Down from Karen – From the Owner

May 2015

Class Changes – Walk in the Ballard Parade – Run Club – Get Tanked at BHC – Facebook Challenge – Expansion Update – BHC Anniversary – Member Spotlight: Mark Colombino – Upper Body Workout – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ – Workshops – Mayor Visite BHC – From the Owner

April 2015

Class Changes – New Look – Run Club – Facebook Challenge – Nutritional ‘Did You Know’ – Spring to Life at Suncadia Retreat – Class Focus: Yoga Intro Series – Staying on Track – Member Spotlight: Wendy Graff – Glute Workout – Workshops – Member Adventure: Trevor Clark – Expansion Update – From the Owner

March 2015

New Look – Facebook Challenge (Winner: Randy Anderson) – What do you want us to sell at BHC? (survey) – Quick Notes – New eCard Available – Voice your Opinion for Ballard – Friendly Fridays – We are Expanding! – Why Do You Workout? – Member Spotlight: Alex White – Cardio Workout – Spring to Life at Suncadia Retreat – Nutritional “Did You Know?” – Staff Highlight: Harvey Alinea – Workshops – Yoga Tune Up from Karen – From the Owner (Security Cameras)

February 2015

New Classes (Chair Yoga, Boot Camp Station, Zumba, Cardio-Mix, Open Yoga) – Suncadia Spring Retreat – Facebook Challenge (Winner: Brian Fisher) – Nutritional “Did you Know?” – Suggestion Box – It’s the Little Things – Friendly Fridays – New Look at BHC – A Gym and a Community – Member Spotlight: Nancy Sherman – Stability Ball Core Workout – Benefits of Personal Training – Workshops – A Note from Karen – From the Owner (Club Expansion)

January 2015

Changes to Class Schedule (Yoga/Core, Insanity, Max-Fit, Pilates Based Mat) – New Look for BHC – Facebook Challenge (Winner: Shannon Leahy) – Nutritional “Did you Know?” – Parking Lot Improvements – Silver Sneakers at BHC – A Note from Karen – Nutrition Coaching Now Offered at Ballard Health Club! – Staying Consistent – Member Spotlight: Jordan Pickett – Holiday Hard Body Workout – Upcoming Workshops – From the Owner (Personal Training)

December 2014

Holiday Hours – Holiday Hustle Workout – Changes to Class Schedule (Insanity, Longer Yoga Classes) – Facebook Challenge (Winner: Joanna Luporini) – Suncadia Retreat Success! – A New Look for BHC – New Junior Memberships – Friendly Fridays – Cobey in Children’s Theater Musical – A Note from the Class Director – New Trainer: Aimee Miller – Member Spotlight: Rachel Moorhead – Workshops at BHC – Nutritional “Did you Know?” – College Freeze Plan – BHC and Solo Lofts – From the Owner (Parking)

November 2014

New Trainer: Matt Bruner – Suncadia Retreat – Friendly Fridays – New Classes (Cardio Sculpt, Insanity, Nadi Yoga, Yoga Basics, Yoga Tune Up) – Holiday Hours – Brains & Balance Past 60 – Workshops at Ballard Health Club – “Get Tanked” – BHC and Solo Lofts work together to keep Ballard Healthly – BHC Facebook Page – From the Owner (We Listen)