24/7 Access

As an added benefit to members with monthly renewing or yearly memberships, after hours access is available at no additional cost (except for a one-time technology charge of $10).

During the hours that the front desk is open, members check-in at the front desk using their bar coded membership card or ecard on their phone.

To access the club outside of the hours of the front desk requires a special RFID key fob. There are some additional steps to acquire a key tag including proof of local residency, scanned picture ID on file at the club and an additional after hours agreement concerning the rules governing our unattended after hours access.  These additional steps are put in place to enhance the security of of the club after hours.

The after hours access door is located about half way down the breezeway on the way to the club’s main entrance. The RFID key fob reader is just to the left of the after hours door and is “uncovered” and accessible for use only when our main entrance and the front desk is closed.

If you are a monthly renewing member or have a yearly membership, simply ask at the front desk to be setup with after hours access and they can put that together for you.