Tricia Diamond


Group Fitness Instructor

Tricia was born and raised between California and Louisiana, into a family of respected, well known musicians.  She grew up playing music and playing tennis, while enjoying tap, jazz, ballet, African and carnival/Mardi Gras dance. “As a child, I was raised in a household with jazz, rock and roll and pop luminaries, as well as dancers, in our home and really took it for granted. Dance fitness is a way for me to reconnect with that past.”   

She moved to the Netherlands to attend college and ended up staying there many years and is fluent in Dutch (despite not having studied the language before moving there), becoming a secondary English and Mathematics teacher while raising a family and exploring the world. 

“I loved living in the Netherlands, especially the academic, linguistics and cultural opportunities it afforded me”.  She graduated with degrees in Mathematics and English.  She returned to the United States in October of 2008 and while earning one of her masters degrees and as an educator,  administrator and public speaker by day, she currently instructs Zumba, Aqua Zumba, African Dance Fitness and CIZE Live courses.  

In her free time she love making raw vegan delicacies, travel, studying languages, robotics, music and, of course, dance.  


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