Nazz Murphy

Nazz Murphy

Barre Instructor

Nazz is a Buddhist yogi, and her religion is PEOPLE and LIFE.

She was born and raised in Uganda until she moved to the states in 2000.  She spent her entire childhood on the move. Ever since she can remember, her physical body has always gravitated towards movement, Whether it was soccer, track or hide and seek, climbing and hiding in trees, being active was a top priority. Once she started speaking English in late 2003, she was determined to get into the fitness industry to discover what there was for her body to discover. Moving to the states introduced her to a whole new world of fitness that she never imagined existed and this new world was her main inspiration to becoming a fitness instructor.

Nazz is a strong believer that the #1 key to discovering all our capabilities lies within our health, and her goal in any class is to activate and introduce her clients to their greatest selves, someone with a physical body that is more than capable, someone with a mind that can achieve it all and can win over themselves and their lesser selves within the hour you have together. 

When she is not teaching kids yoga, barre or Yoga sculpt, Nazz is a life coach throughout Seattle. She spends her free time volunteering, reading and advocating for all children in Uganda to receive an Education. 

She has felt her human body smile at and with her many times during workouts and the greatest honor is to share that with YOU! She looks forward to sharing space with you in class! 

Fun Fact about Nazz: She spends her life doing 100 day challenges & welcomes new challenges!!!! (hint hint).


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