Natalia Mesa


Group Fitness Instructor

I was born in Cali, Colombia, and have been dancing Salsa since I can remember. Growing up in the States, listening and dancing to Salsa music always kept me connected to my roots. My love of dance is not limited to Salsa - I’ve danced various styles all of my life and have over 12 years of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance experience. I’ve been a dance fitness instructor and a certified Zumba® Fitness instructor since March of 2019.

I fell in love with teaching group dance fitness because it allows me to share my passion for dancing, thrive on the group energy and atmosphere, and provide others with the benefits of exercise. 

My classes emphasize Latin rhythms, but I also incorporate other styles, such as Dancehall, Soca, and Hip Hop, and am always trying to learn new dance forms to bring into class!

The best part about dancing for me is that it allows me to just let go. I believe a dance workout class should be a place to have fun and de-stress as well as exercise. As an instructor, my goal is to provide a positive space where people are happy to be dancing, but are also motivated to challenge themselves and work toward their particular fitness goals!