Leah Warner


BodyPump Instructor

Leah is a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor. After trying her first BODYPUMP class nearly eight years ago she was hooked. She loved the group energy and the challenge to consistently test your limits while prioritizing safe technique.

Over the years, Leah saw BODYPUMP create change in peoples’ lives at all fitness levels, building confidence, strength, and skills that extend beyond a group fitness class. Leah was inspired to become an instructor to be part of this change for others.

Leah began teaching BODYPUMP in 2016 in Alaska while working there in public health. She recently moved back to Seattle to pursue a graduate degree in epidemiology at the UW.

Leah draws from her health training and dance background to lead an exciting and effective BODYPUMP class that challenges participants to reach new heights in their fitness journey and enjoy it along the way!


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