Emily Owen


Group Fitness Instructor

Emily is an energetic fitness instructor who has always had a passion for exercise and happiness and believes that exercise contributes to our confidence.   She discovered High Fitness as a hardcore exercise that combines her love to sweat with  fast-paced, loud and energetic music.  Emily strongly encourages her students to let High Fitness be a time to challenge yourself and to “workout like there’s nobody watching.”    She adjusts her teaching to various fitness levels by providing both high and low impact options.  

She has a background in education and has taught piano for 10 years and has also worked as a high school substitute teacher.  Emily enjoys a variety of fitness challenges and has competed in CrossFit, completed her first marathon last Summer and is currently training for another this Fall. 

Whether she is teaching at school or at the gym, she takes great pride in watching students grow in their confidence, be it in their fitness abilities, body image or intellect.  


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