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At Ballard Health Club, our barre instructors come from diverse backgrounds, and teach a variety of different methods. The freedom to teach their own style of barre makes each class a fun and unique workout.

Barre classes are a fusion of ballet-inspired movements, pilates, yoga and strength training. The focus is on high repetitions of small movements to hone in on specific muscles, and then stretching those muscles in a way that promotes long, lean growth instead of bulk. Using light weights, exercise balls, resistance bands, and body weight exercises makes for an intense - yet low-impact - toning workout. It  takes students from bursts of high level, intense activity into periods of relaxing, deep stretches, to imitate interval training and offer similar benefits. The barre may also be used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training. No dance experience necessary, and classes are traditionally done barefoot or with socks.

All of our Barre classes are held upstairs in Studio Y.

The class schedule below shows the rest of classes for today, and for the next 6 days. To view the entire class schedule for all studios, click here: Full Class Schedule