Parking for BHC Members


June 26, 2019

Last Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity to clean our main BHC lot.   I cut blackberry and morning glory vines that were climbing the back fence and removed weeds that had forced themselves through the asphalt.  I was also able to pick up some of the litter that we have trouble getting to when the lot is much more populated.

While I was working at the entrance to the lot, a couple parked in the lot and started walking toward me. They clearly were not going to work out at the Club since they were heading in the wrong direction.  I told them they cannot park in our BHC lot because it’s private. One of them said in a cheerful voice, that they can because they have a “BHC permit” on their car. I told them that the permit is only valid IF they are checked in at the Club. They seemed surprised by this and moved their car.  

Every document, agreement, and signage that deals with parking in our lots – repeatedly states that members must be checked-in at the Club to have their active BHC parking permit cover their parking. Ballard Health Club has three parking lots available at different times.  To use one of these lots and have that usage covered by an active BHC parking permit you MUST be checked in at the Club. If you are not checked in at the Club, you will receive a parking ticket and that ticket will be enforced.

Chase Bank Lot
As of mid-January 2019, LAZ Parking has replaced Diamond Parking as the parking company managing the Chase parking lot.  Members are only allowed to park in the Chase lot outside of bank hours which are posted on the door at Chase Bank.

Banner Bank Lot
Diamond Parking has the contract to manage all the Banner Bank lots. We have contracted with Diamond to use parking stalls 1 through 30 on the NW 56th Street-side of the Banner property (across from our main BHC lot).  Members are only allowed to park in the Banner Bank lot from 5am to 7pm Monday through Saturday.

Main BHC Lot
All the stalls in this lot are available 24/7 to our members, except stalls 1 through 3 which are just to the right as you enter the lot.   Stalls 1 through 3 are reserved from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but are available at all other times. We are currently in the process of soliciting bids to have this lot sealed and re-striped.

At times, both LAZ and/or Diamond may erroneously issue tickets to members with parking permits displayed in their cars. If this happens to you AND you have an active parking permit in your car AND you are checked in at the Club at the time the ticket was issued, please drop-off the ticket at the Front Desk and we will get it dismissed immediately.  We are constantly working with both LAZ and Diamond to be as careful as possible when issuing tickets.

Ballard Health Club will continue to make parking as available as possible to our members -- which can be a challenge in an inner-city neighborhood that has been going through a lot of changes.

Thank you for being a member of Ballard Health Club and enjoy the summer!


Pat Gilbrough
Owner / General Manager