No matter your current fitness level, the best and most affordable way to reach the next level in your workouts is to join a small group training where your own personal trainer will push you and your new teammates in new and exciting ways. 

Small group training is personalized training in a team environment. It is a great way to try new exercises and training strategies with someone there to coach you on good form, while being more economical than one-on-one personal training. Additionally, the group dynamic that comes with regularly working out alongside others will definitely encourage you to push yourself to your limits and ensure that you get the max out of every workout.

BHC is offering four new small groups starting in September. Read about them below. Each small group will meet twice per week for 6 weeks.

The cost is $180, or $15 per session. Enrollment is limited to 5 people per small group. Sign up at the front desk or online at the BHC Portal under EVENTS / WORKSHOPS.

Strength and Conditioning with Allison

Mondays and Thursdays @9am
September 11 – October 19

During this small group with Allison, you will learn how to perform movements correctly and progress both your muscular and cardiovascular systems. Sessions typically begin with strength circuits and finish with a conditioning piece. Allison will teach you how to warm up and cool down in addition to making sure you sweat and build those muscles.


Barbell Powerlifting with Lara
Tuesdays and Thursdays @2pm
September 12 – October 19

Have you been working out for a while without seeing any strength gains? Are you in awe of those people deadlifting two or more plates? Do you want to be bigger, badder, and stronger in every aspect of your life? Then come learn the three powerlifts (squat, bench, deadlift) with some awesome like-minded individuals this September. This group training is for anyone who’s ever wanted to lift heavy and get stronger. Ability to lift the barbell preferred but not required.


High Intensity Small Group Training with Chris
Wednesdays and Fridays @2pm
September 13 – October 20

In this high intensity small group training, you can go at your own pace, improve your form and technique, increase your workload throughout the six weeks and come away with new exercises that you can add to your own workout. Come lift heavy, work multiple muscle groups at each session and get in and out of the gym with no time wasted. Chris will be there to guide you through the workout and make sure your form stays precise.