No matter your current fitness level, the best and most affordable way to reach the next level in your workouts is to join a small group training where your own personal trainer will push you and your new teammates in new and exciting ways. 

Small group training is personalized training in a team environment. It is a great way to try new exercises and training strategies with someone there to coach you on good form, while being more economical than one-on-one personal training. Additionally, the group dynamic that comes with regularly working out alongside others will definitely encourage you to push yourself to your limits and ensure that you get the max out of every workout.

BHC is offering three new small groups starting in January. Allison and Lara will lead groups on Mondays and Thursdays while Chassi will lead a Saturday only group. The cost is $15 per session. Enrollment is limited to 5 people per small group. Sign up at the front desk or online at the BHC Portal under EVENTS / WORKSHOPS.

New Small Groups Starting in January:

Mondays and Thursdays @9:00am
Starting January 8, with Allison

Mondays and Thursdays @5:15pm
Starting January 8, with Lara

Saturdays @9:30am
Starting January 13, with Chassi