group fitness classes:


Focuses on conditioning of the abdominal and back regions. Light warm-up and stretching included.

african dance fitness  

 a cardio dance and wellness workout derived from African cultural dance movements and   African pop to sounds from all over the continent of Africa.

All level Step

This action-packed step class includes step choreography that can be modified for beginners or advanced – progresses each week and keeps your feet moving.

body circuit

Test your fitness level with this full body workout. Body circuit emphasizes athletic training designed to challenge stamina, strength and ability. 

Body Blast

A total body experience that works all large muscle groups and isolates the smaller ones for a super calorie burning experience! Get all your cardio, weight training, and stretching done in one workout!

body pump ™

This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using weighted exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. great music, certified instructors and a workout that will have you singing while you sweat!

boot camp

This  is a motivating, challenging full body workout. exercise drills include: cardio endurance, core strength, balance, agility, and muscular strength and endurance. come be a part of the team!

boot camp station

Full body work out set up in stations incorporating  cardio, core and strength training. this is an all levels class for those wanting to work on endurance and strength. 

Butt & Gut

Come join in on fun ways to work your abs, legs and glutes. Step up to the challenge!

functional strength training

Practical/functional movement patterns to keep you strong, prevent atrophy and help prevent injuries that relate to daily living. 

cardio mix

Boost your endurance and define your muscles.  This class will offer you challenging drills, circuits and  cardio exercises that will work your body head to toe.


Work up a sweat and burn fat using various components of hi-low aerobic moves and strength training. A diversity of equipment is used to get the heart rate up, the muscles working and the calories burning. Great for all levels.


Short intervals of high-intensity exercises with brief periods of rest. Using body weight as resistance. 

Pilates Based Mat

This class follows the exercises created by Joseph Pilates. It concentrates on the strengthening and stretching of the torso creating better posture and alignment. Exercises are done on the floor using a mat. The instructor will give very specific instruction on alignment and movement and will do adjusting when necessary. No experience needed.

rebel yoga

Strengthen and lengthen with this yoga class that uses weights and focuses on your upper body and core.

Silver sneakers

Muscular Strength & Range of Movement. Have fun and move to the music while doing various exercises designed to increase strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and physio balls provide resistance. Chairs are used for support.

step and tone

Perfect for basic and intermediate steppers. This class is a total cardio and body workout with strengthening and toning.

Zumba ®

Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will tone and sculpt your body while you burn fat and have fun!